Increasing Your Self-Awareness For Optimal Impact

Clarity 4D helps us to discover our ‘clarity’ and ‘purpose’.

It is a diagnostic tool that provides deep insights into our behaviours, providing greater awareness of ourselves, how we communicate, interact, and how we are received by others.   The tool leverages Carl Jung’s work on psychological preferences about the dynamics of thinking and behaviour.

Firstly, we discover by increasing our self-awareness. This is about accepting who we are, and amplifying strengths, and being aware of blind spots that can hinder our ability to build great relationships.   Secondly, we discuss how others might perceive us.

This uncovers potential blind spots and gives us a view of how others may respond to our behaviours and style of communication.  Thirdly we diversify by tapping into our hidden potential.  We look at the world from the view of other thinking styles and preferences.  We look at how our style works with others.

Lastly, we develop our full potential.  With the increase in self-awareness we can look to incorporate any enhancements we may choose to make over time.  This is easier said than done but made easier if we are aware of how we are coming across and the potential impact of that.    What I love about this tool is that it doesn’t say you are this, but you need to be more of that- rather it acknowledges how others may perceive you, so you can have an awareness of the impact and then moderate that as you need to. 

For a Business Partner, having insights about behaviours and communication and thinking styles, helps you to understand how you show up.  It provides really useful information into how you build relationships, how you communicate, and how you work in a team.

Sometimes we don’t know the reasons why we may experience friction with some people but not others. The Clarity 4D provides some insights into this, so we can work with it rather than allow the differences or friction to be misunderstood. Others will have different preferences and styles and the key is knowing how to work with this rather than letting it be a block.  

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