In short, we aim to disrupt conventional thinking. We connect people in ways that spark new ideas and help them achieve their goals faster.

Whether you’re looking to sustainably grow your business, upskill your team, or pursuing a new opportunity, we have a solution or program to arm you with the knowledge you’ll need to make a truly meaningful impact in the work you do.


Our Business Advisory Growth Services help purpose-led business owners and entrepreneurs create new opportunities for sales growth. But, not growth for growth’s sake. We are strong advocates for sustainable, healthy, client-centric growth, helping you develop a clear and exciting strategy and action plan, whilst nurturing a brand and culture employees and clients will admire.


Our Business Partnering Impact Program focuses on building the behavioural attributes and commercial acumen required to make a greater business impact. This experiential and interactive program will equip business partners with the skills to drive positive business outcomes and enhance stakeholder relationships.


Our Amplify Your Impact Program will help you realise your true potential. Whether you are dealing with a significant life event, recently promoted or pursuing a new development opportunity, this interactive program will equip individuals with the skills and tools enabling you to make better choices around your life and career.



The Business Partnering Playbook

Finally, a book that provides realistic and targeted advice to Business Partners! 

Business Partners hold a vital role as trusted confidants with deep technical expertise,  and their impact is evident across all business functions.  Initially tasked with providing advice, they are now true collaborating partners, ideally placed to lead and manage change in the changing world of work and business. Yet as the Business role has changed, there has been no pathway to develop the competencies essential for their success. 

Until now. If you are a current or aspiring Business Partner – HR, Finance, Procurement, IT, Risk, Audit, Compliance, Legal, Marketing – this is the book for you.

EVOLVE shows you how to navigate service models and systems, build your commercial acumen and deliver value to your organisation. 




The Business Partner role has evolved. Now more than ever, we need Business Partners with the behavioural attributes and commercial acumen to elevate the client’s experience and drive superior business value.


At Impactology, our focus is on helping companies thrive and grow and individuals to live better, work smarter and be authentic. We are passionate about helping people to be more confident and excel at what they do. To find out more about our solutions or programs and how we can help you, fill in the form below.

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    It should be your number 1 priority as a Business Partner...”to increase your focus on developing sustainable partnerships.”

Start with auditing the strength of your relationships at work - ask yourself:
Am I communicating effectively?
Do I actively listen to my colleagues and respond thoughtfully?
How do I foster collaboration and teamwork?

Do I actively seek out opportunities to collaborate with my colleagues?
Am I approachable and open to sharing ideas and feedback?

Trust & Respect
Do I trust my colleagues to fulfill their responsibilities and commitments?
Do I show genuine respect for the opinions, expertise, and contributions of my co-workers?
Are there any instances where trust has been compromised, and how have I addressed them?

These questions can help you assess the quality of your work relationships, identify areas for improvement, and guide you towards building stronger connections with your colleagues.

Remember that building and maintaining healthy work relationships is a slow ongoing process that requires consistent effort, empathy, and continuous self-reflection.

Check out “EVOLVE - The Business Partnering Playbook” via: https://lnkd.in/g2dfgPcT

If your team is ready to take the next step, check out the Business Partnering IMPACT Program (in-house Program) via: https://lnkd.in/gUhZKEmK

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    Shed the shackles of fear and embrace risk.

Just as fearing mistakes and the unknown stifles a life well-lived, inertia stifles growth and innovation. 

Imagine a career unburdened by fear, instead a work environment where calculated risks are the stepping stones to excellence. 

1. How has fear of the unknown or failure impacted your professional decisions, and what can you do to embrace calculated risks? 

2. Reflect on a specific instance where you allowed fear and doubt hold you back at work. How might your life path change if you embrace the challenges and opportunities with a “fear-risk” mindset?”
    Aristotle is credited as the first person to write about the "wisdom of the crowd". Aristotle wrote: "it is possible that the many, though not individually good (wo)men, yet when they come together may be better, not individually but collectively, than those who are so..."

Let's adapt Aristotle's thinking to today's business partnering context. By broadening our perspective, we can see the value in the interplay of business partners across disciplines and unlocking unprecedented value for the organisation. So, an evolved adaptation of Aristotle's wisdom could read 'the collective force of business partnering transcends the individual contributions.'

Embrace this high impact approach to reveal the untapped potential that emerges when diverse expertise come together seamlessly, but not perfectly.

What's stopping you from fostering "wisdom of the crowd" collaboration across different business partnering disciplines?

Check out "EVOLVE - The Business Partnering Playbook" via: https://lnkd.in/g2dfgPcT

If your team is ready to take the next step, check out the Business Partnering IMPACT Program (in-house Program) via: https://lnkd.in/gUhZKEmK

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    Balancing external forces beyond our grasp from our own deliberate choices is the key to fulfilment in life and work..it will continue to be fast moving and forever changing.

Picture a calm space where you channel energy into what you can shape — decisions and actions — unshackled from undue concerns. As deadlines loom and emails surge, impact your productivity by focusing on the controllables.

Here are two reflection questions:

1. How can you distinguish between controllable and uncontrollable factors to enhance your work productivity and overall well-being?

2. In what specific ways can you create a calm workspace that allows you to focus on the choices you can control and your actions, whilst minimising the impact of external pressures and concerns?

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    Break down silos and drive business partnering team success...foster collaboration across your organisation.

Embrace this simple but transformative approach and watch the extraordinary results that await those who dare to bridge these real and perceived barriers to collaboration.

To embrace the power of cross-discipline collaboration, spend a moment to reflect on your role:

Will you actively connect and drive change or passively observe its impact through others success?

What is the first step you can take to initiate connections from across your organization?

Are you ready to step into the role of an active connector? What would this mean for your career?
    The Enigma of Inertia...

In the realm of personal growth, inertia remains a puzzling force. 

It's that unflinching resistance to change, the comfort in familiar routines and people. Yet, within this inertia lies a hidden enigma – the potential for transformation. 

Recognising this paradox provides us the power to break free, for even the smallest action, can disrupt the habit of inaction. 

Embrace the mystery...the frustration...challenge the status quo. 

Take that first step towards gradual, purposeful change. In the dance between comfort and growth, lies the key to unlocking our untapped potential.

Some reflection questions to better understand inertia:

How has my comfort zone limited my willingness to embrace change and take action? What steps can I take to gradually expand my boundaries and overcome inertia?

Have I ever experienced the effects of perfectionism or decision paralysis in my journey toward personal growth? How can I shift my mindset to focus on progress rather than perfection and make more confident decisions?
    Yes...the world of work, continues to be fast changing and there's an increased responsibility for Business Partners to manage change. 

Three tips to best prepare yourself... 

1. Avoid sitting on the outer: Step forward to manage and embrace change as a business partner - work towards mastering the art and science of change.
2. Growth Mindset = Resilience: Be the business partner the organisation looks to for guidance in tricky situations and to foster resilience.
3. Personal Skills Audit: Complete a skills audit with a fellow business partner - identify the soft but critical skills you need to develop and drive personal growth. 

Don't wait for an invitation...embrace this opportunity...take action now.
    ...a team sport.

Two tips:
1. Surround yourself with people who advocate (unconditionally!) for your success and personal growth - look closely, as they are typically in full view, but you haven't connected the dots. 
2. Never underestimate the power of a personal advisory group, hand picked for their unique skills, network, experience and perspectives...sharing what you need to hear and not stroking your ego to make you feel special.

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    Two essential principles can unlock your true potential as a Business Partner and foster strong connections with your stakeholders: 

Be of relevance.
Stay informed about industry trends, emerging technologies, and market shifts that impact your clients and your broader organisation. To achieve this, actively seek out knowledge, internal and external to your organisation, that complements your depth of expertise.

Be of service. 
Cultivate a mindset of service by actively seeking opportunities to add value and support your clients' goals.  To achieve this, consider your personal approach to learning and development and how you're continually learning.

Embodying these principles, you'll get closer to forging meaningful connections and make a lasting impact on your career journey.

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    How good is it hearing a song from your youth that now has a deeper meaning?!

Aussie musical genius Paul Kelly penned a song “If I Could Start Today Again” - it is a song about pain & despair…BUT as we gained more life experience, we now hear a song about living a life with no regrets: 
“Every minute, every hour
The replay's just the same
And I can't stand the shame
Oh, let me start today again
I only want one day”

When we go about our day, are we making excuses or deflecting from inaction? or are we focused on taking positive action, big & small?

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