Idea Brokers That Facilitate Impact

Inspiration is when an idea gets hold of you and moves towards where you want to go. That is what we want to create with Impactology. It’s the one spark that takes you towards your goal.

We want to disrupt every day thinking and spark new ideas and create new ways to interact that will truly have an impact. 

We believe in the what, the how and the who. And most importantly the WHY?

Let’s make an impact together. 



Impact is where two ideas collide, grow, spark to create something bigger. It can stay within you to be ignited at any time. Impact can come from anywhere or anyone. It can be a conversation, a comment, a book, an email  or a presentation. Impact can be big or small.

An impact will leave someone with more than they had before they met you.

what it means to create an impact


We want to create a community of people to inspire each other. Famous names and names you’ve yet to hear. Some are writers. Some are artists. There are leaders, athletes, scholars. All striving to be better. One action at a time.

All are impactologists. We want you to join us and impact us and others.


We celebrate awesomeness on every level. From breaking world records, finding a cure, launching a rocket ship. Each is an action that creates an impact. Every conversation, every communication can open a door to a new opportunity.

We provide the platform. You provide the discussion. Together we create impact.

why does impact matter


It’s times like these we learn to live again. We believe in creating a space for living again. There has never been a better time for a community of impactologists.

Be interested. Be curious. Be an impactologist.


I am passionate about assisting people to be more confident and excel at what they do best.

I am loyal, trusting and love talking to people.

I am inspired by storytelling that allows me to grow, learn and be better. I can be restless and get snappy when I’m hungry.

Formula 1 is a passion, cinema is my release, futsal and the gym keeps me fit, trusted friends are a treasure, and family is everything.

George Liberopoulos

Co-founder, Impactology