Take the first step towards building a trusted and high-performing procurement team – take your business partnering to the next level.
Builders of trust. Experts in change. Champions in collaboration.

Enhancing the maturity of your procurement operations and building sustainable relationships with key stakeholders starts with trust: trust in each other and in the team’s capabilities. Getting the basics right makes it easier to build proactive supplier relationships. The Procurement Business Partnering Program empowers your team with the tools, frameworks, strategies, and mindset to become trusted experts in driving organisational success.

What makes this Procurement Business Partnering Program unique?
Firstly, we specialise in developing procurement business partners. It’s what we do and what we do well. Our dedication to establishing the core principles of business partnering with all our participants sets us apart: Understanding yourself; Understanding your business; Understanding your stakeholders

We achieve this through research-backed frameworks and tools, real-world insights, and meaningful conversations that emphasise building trust across the team. Above all, we prioritize taking action to achieve positive results.

So if your team requires a capability boost, if you’re tasked with driving change across the business, or if you’re leading a new team of Procurement Business Partners – then we’d like to hear from you.

Management Teams



In today’s dynamic corporate environment, businesses face increasing industry disruption, market uncertainties, competition, risk, and rapid innovation. For any team of procurement business partners, these considerations bring an increased responsibility for driving and owning business outcomes. This call to action for any effective procurement team forms a key part helping drive change across any organisation and helping achieve core strategic goals.

Our Procurement Business Partnering training is tailored to develop a high-functioning and trusted group of procurement business partners, amplifying their business acumen, differentiating their capabilities and giving them an edge in the marketplace. Aimed at procurement managers and their teams, this course is suitable for all levels of experience.

Upon finishing the Procurement Business Partnering Training, participants will be able to:

  • Equip themselves with the necessary skills to meet the expectations of key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Establish a solid foundation of trust with their  team, stakeholders and other functions.
  • Establish themselves as a consistent and trusted strategic advisor.
  • Build their business acumen to complement their technical proficiency.

This business partnering development program features a face-to-face component, and micro-learning activities and check-in process to help embed the Program learnings. The program aims to enhance service delivery standards with key stakeholders, and build a greater depth of relationship with external vendors and suppliers.



Know how to support your business model.

We provide a clear, strategic approach to nurture a strong commercial mindset for procurement professionals. This module is essential for developing a mature and effective procurement function, covering the broad, inter-related 

areas of a company’s business model and how to use this information to support informed decision-making as part of the overall business strategy.


Without trust, technical skills alone won't do.

Building trusted business relationships across all functions is foundational. This module covers the role of procurement business partners in connecting with internal stakeholders, customers, and suppliers. We emphasise trust, effective communication, and maintaining a strong presence for 

optimal impact.


make informed and effective decisions.

Effective business decisions are influenced by internal and external forces across diverse industries, markets, and
geographies. This module emphasises cultivating a strong ‘outside-in’ view, exploring how these macro factor shape our business and influence procurement decisions. A
thorough grasp of these macro factors is essential for making informed and effective decisions.


enhancing stakeholder engagement through high impact skills.

In this module, you’ll learn tools like the ACDC Contextual Partnering Model to identify and understand how business partners adapt delivery modes based on context. These tools offer insights into personal preferences and expanding expertise through effective business partnering. Emphasising the importance of building a strong internal brand for procurement and sustainable team growth.


A vital “life” skill for
all Procurement Teams

Effective storytelling is crucial across all work contexts, significantly enhancing the impact of procurement business partners. This influential skill unlocks the team’s ability to collaborate effectively and negotiate better outcomes, fostering a high-performance environment focused on action and results, not just ideas.


Key drivers necessary
for STAKEHOLDER success

To measure your impact, mastering the art of communicating and measuring the value your team delivers as procurement business partners is crucial. Understanding the trade-offs you make—the actions you take and those you choose not to take—can significantly influence stakeholders. This module introduces frameworks for assessing the value delivered both individually and as a Procurement team.


The Business Partnering Playbook

Finally, a book that provides realistic and targeted advice to Business Partners! 

Business Partners hold a vital role as trusted confidants with deep technical expertise,  and their impact is evident across all business functions.  Initially tasked with providing advice, they are now true collaborating partners, ideally placed to lead and manage change in the changing world of work and business. Yet as the Business Partner role has changed, there has been no pathway to develop the competencies essential for their success. 

Until now. If you are a current or aspiring Business Partner – HR, Finance, Procurement, IT, Risk, Audit, Compliance, Legal, Marketing – this is the book for you.

EVOLVE shows you how to navigate service models and systems, build your commercial acumen and deliver value to your organisation.


We want to disrupt everyday thinking, spark new ideas and create new ways to interact that will support you to truly have an impact. If you’re ready to increase your impact as a Business Partner, register your interest to join our Business Partnering Impact Program by filling out the form below.