The 3 Tips To Live The “Cause I don’t shine if you don’t shine” Life Mantra.

We can learn a lot about life by listening to rock music. We just need to lean in and listen attentively. In 2007, Las Vegas (brilliant!) rockers, The Killers, released a fantastic song called ‘Read My Mind’ and contained the memorable lyrics, “cause I don’t shine if you don’t shine”.

These simple powerful lyrics contain so many life lessons and strongly represents the Impactology values and ethos. Here are the three tips to think about impact through a different lens and live the “cause I don’t shine if you don’t shine” life mantra:

  1. Leaders take note – always seek success through others.

When I reflect on past leaders that I loved working with, there was a common leadership trait that saw them excel as individuals and in their career: they did not consider themselves at the centre of the universe.  They knew their role as a leader in the organisation. They exhibited high self-awareness and knew that their effectiveness as a leader, was measured by their team’s engagement and personal success.

The impact on me, working with these amazing leaders included: they always got the best out of me; their timely direction and counsel was honest and practical; there was no ambiguity in their leadership style, which is an important trait to quickly establish rapport and build trust with anyone you interact with; they empowered me to take risks, to excel and shine; they engaged me with heart and promoted my positive contributions when I least expected it.
Be aware.

2. Commit to developing and growing your treasured family, friends, and Community – invest in their long-term prosperity.

Let’s consider the old African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child“. 
Where is your village? And, what is your role in growing its children and the village as a whole?  Historically, communities have flourished, through the efforts of women and men who selflessly dedicated their spare time (sometimes, all their time!) to build a community that everyone can feel proud of. 

Your commitment to developing and growing the village around you, starts when you gain an understanding of what makes it tick and being aware of the subtle signs that shows it’s flourishing and, in the process, nourishing the community…the busy coffee shop, the smiles as people get their morning coffee in one hand and an excitable pooch strapped to the other hand, yanking the leash to get walking! It is being aware of how the trees change their colour as the seasons change. It is volunteering your time and skills to a local charity.  It is visiting a small-town bakery, a little out of your way, to show your support.  It is leaning on trusted friends – sharing, reflecting and discussing things that are important to them and equally sharing your story.
Be present.

3. Know your frequency.

Do you know your frequency?
The natural frequency of a human-standing body is about 7.5 Hz – but this is not about physics.  It is about all about you. Your frequency is the invisible vibe, feeling and energy you transmit to your environment. So, whether you totally agree with this concept or not, we can agree that we all know people that make us feel energised and positive after hanging out with them. They are energy givers. Obvious signs include: you can discuss your future plans without judgement; they don’t gossip; and, they’re willing to share life lessons to see you grow.

We can also agree we may know people (and sometimes they are loved ones), that are drainers. They unwillingly, unconsciously, suck the energy from you. Symptoms include: they always complain without offering a solution; everything’s hard; they believe things never change; and, it’s everyone else’s fault that <fill in the blank!>. 

Givers are good for your health. Drainers, only in very small doses. So, which one are you? Remember, your frequency may vary and you may show signs of both at different times.  Make sure the discrete company you keep are energy givers, not energy thieves. The “if you don’t shine, I don’t shine” life mantra, cannot thrive, if it is not reciprocated. 

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