Rosie Thomas OAM (AUS)


Radek Sali (AUS)

Executive Chairman and Founder, Light Warrior Group

Nataly Kogan (US)

Founder of Happier, Inc. and Author of Happier Now

Justin Robinson (US)

Writer, Director, Filmmaker

Lisa O'Neill (NZ)

Motivational Leadership Expert & CEO, Thought Leaders Business School

Roula Christie (US)

Host ‘The Roula and Ryan Show’ on 104.1KRBE in Houston

Mark LeBusque (AUS)

Founder & Director marklebusque.com

Dimitra Manis (US)

Chief People Officer, S&P Global

Jeremy Andrulis (Singapore)

CEO, Third Idea

Ruby Lee (AUS)

Intuitive Business Coach

Harry Korras (AUS)

Great Human

Janine Robertson

Janine Robertson (AUS)

Co-Author, Spenditude

Mark Reading (AUS)

Head of Foundation, Atlassian

Stella Kasdagli (Greece)

Co-Founder, Women On Top, Writer

Peter Shankman (US)

5x Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, 
Host of ‘Faster Than Normal’ Podcast

Dr. Raman K Attri (Singapore)

Performance Scientist, XpertX Research Forum

Joshua Ross (AUS)

Co-CEO Humanitix

Peter Parthimos (AUS)

Founder & CEO, Futsal Oz

Paul Harrison (AUS)

Partner + Digital Marketing Advisor, Zib Digital

Rana Hussain (AUS)

D&I Consultant, Writer & Broadcaster

Duy Huynh (AUS)

Director, Producer.

Marie McLeod AUS)

Positive Psychology Therapist.

Kristen Forgione (AUS)

Psychologist | Cofounder, MYNDLY

Mark Goodie (AUS)

CEO, Merri Outreach Support Service

Sue Brierley (AUS)

Mother of Saroo, boy known as LION. Author “Lioness”

Tasos Katsaounis (US)

Founder, CEO Bread Man Baking Co.

Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon (AUS)

Co-Author, Spenditude

Harpreet Ghumman (India)

L&D Leader, D&I Strategist, Exec Coach

Nick Bracks (US)

Mental Health Advocate & Actor

Richenda Vermeulen

Richenda Vermeulen (AUS)

Founder & CEO, ntegr!ty

Col Fink (AUS)

Engagement Expert

Bassam Aramin (Palestine) & Rami Elhanan (Israel)

Parents Circle Families Forum, Bereaved Fathers



Time: 8 AM—9 AM Melbourne Time | 18-Nov 4pm NY

Speaker: Nick Bracks, Mental Health Advocate & Actor

Impact Topic: Managing Our Mental Health in Uncertain Times

What Impact Means to Me: “Doing things daily to improve the lives of others. It is the small daily things that might help those around us. We can all make an impact.”



Time: 9 AM—10 AM (Melbourne Time) 

Speakers: Janine Robertson & Paul Gordon, Co Authors, ‘Spenditude: A life-changing attitude to money’

Impact Topic: In 2020, don’t waste a good crisis.  Get in touch with your Spenditude to shape and impact your life.

What Impact Means to us: “‘Door slam’ moments often arrive when least expected. Those life events that startle us and feel like the pathway we were travelling has been cut off. Door slams often have enough impact to motivate change. They can also floor us – emotionally and financially.  It’s not easy to prepare for these moments – like redundancy, divorce or a health issue – life events have a way of sneaking up.  So when impact strikes and a door slams, being on top of your financial wellbeing counts. In 2020 the human race all had a door slamming moment. A scary virus with scary media.  The biggest impact on most of us is uncertainty.  The biggest concern is money and health.”


Time: 10 AM—11 AM

Speaker: Peter Shankman, Dad. 5x Best Selling Author. Futurist. Keynoter. Pod Host #1 ADHD Podcast “Faster Than Normal”.

Impact Topic: “Catering To The ADHD Economy” 

What Impact Mean To Me: “Knowing the five keywords to hold a consumer’s attention. Understanding how to create content that your audience simply must share. Knowing how to get your audience to do your PR, sales, and marketing for you!”


Time: 11 AM—12 PM

Speaker: Rana Hussain, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Writer and Broadcaster

Impact Topic: Who Do You Think You Are? (Storytelling as a part of creating change)

What Impact Means to Me: “When you encounter something or someone that diverts you off the course you were on. However big or small the diversion, you are changed. We all have the ability to have an impact and the power of this is profound. Whether we choose to use that ability and how we use it is the true test.”


Time: 12 PM—1 PM

Speaker: Justin Robinson, Writer, Director, Filmmaker

Impact Topic: Impact through storytelling: “My Brother Jordan”

What Impact Means to Me: “To make an impact, at least for me, is to connect with a fellow heart. My life as a filmmaker is partly an attempt to understand humanity, along with sharing what I’ve understood so far.”


Time: 1 PM—2 PM

Speaker: Mark Le Busque, Founder & Director marklebusque.com

Impact Topic: Listen and Learn – Unleashing The Power of Human Connection

What Impact Means to Me: “Impact means challenging people to reimagine how human work could be. We don’t learn to be human out of a textbook.”


Time: 2 PM—3 PM

Speaker: Sue Brierley, Author of Lioness, and Mother of Saroo Brierley, the boy known as Lion

Impact Topic: “First time since the Oscar-nominated blockbuster movie, Sue reveals the full story of what happened before ‘Lion'”.

What Impact Means To Me: “I consider myself part of a bigger global family, particularly in relation to the other women on this planet…I’d like to think my sisters in life, would look after children that have no parents and they would look after their sisters children they cannot themselves. I’m hoping my sisters globally, will step up (with me) and do this better.”


Time: 3 PM—4 PM

Speaker: Radek Sali, Executive Chairman and Founder, Light Warrior Group, previous CEO of Swisse Wellness.

Impact Topic: Capitalism for good

What Impact Means to Me: “I believe we as business leaders are ultimately responsible for the state of society. Four out of five of us work outside the government sector. We have a responsibility to lead with inspiration that brings out the best in people, so people love what they do, love themselves and those around them. If all business leaders did this can you imagine how much better society would be?”


Time: 4 PM—4.30 PM

Speaker: Paul Harrison, Partner + Digital Marketing Advisor, Zib Digital.

Impact Topic:

What Impact Means to Me:


Time: 4.30 PM— 5 PM

Speaker: John Mofflin, CEO / Director, Jack Thompson Foundation Ltd.

Impact Topic: “To house homelands communities into the future”

What Impact Means to Me: “The Jack Thompson Foundation Homeland Building Program addresses Unemployment and Housing shortages. The foundations projects seek to address these through an integrated learning program with practical on the ground skills. The aim is to facilitate the teaching of indigenous Australians, how to build their own houses out of the materials and resources available in their own country: the “living ground”.”


Time: 5 PM— 6 PM

Speaker: Stella Kasadigli, Co-Founder Women On Top, Writer

Impact Topic: Gender equality & inclusion in a complex world

What Impact Means to Me: “Impact to me is like watching paint dry – you think nothing is changing, until you eventually see you’ve got a picture on the wall and a room where anybody has the chance to make something joyful and new.”

Time: 8 AM—9 AM

Speaker: Roula Christie, Radio Host ‘The Roula and Ryan Show’ 104.1KRBE | ‘Weekends With Roula’ – syndicated nationwide in the US.

Impact Topic: “Positive Influences. Balance. Success and Life”

What Impact Means To Me?
“I really do love what I do every morning. I absolutely relate to the struggle of life through the listeners’ eyes. Knowing that I help wake people up and get them through their day with smiles on their faces is such a humbling and rewarding feeling. I am all about Family and helping people feel like a part of one. It seems like every day on the radio I meet someone new who moves me, surprises me, and challenges me.”




Time: 9 AM—10 AM

Speaker: Tasos Katsaounis, Founder/CEO, Bread Man Baking Co.

Impact Topic:

What Impact Means To Me?




Time: 10 AM—11 AM

Speaker: Nataly Kogan, Founder of Happier, Inc. and Author of Happier Now

Impact Topic: How to be more “Happier Now”?




Time: 11 AM—12 PM

Speakers: Bassam Aramin (Palestine) & Rami Elhanan (Israel), Parents Circle Families Forum, Bereaved Fathers

Impact Topic: Rami and Bassam initially met a a Combatants for Peace gathering, an Israeli-Palestinian movement of ex-fighters committed to non-violence.  Rami’s daughter, Smadar, had been killed in a suicide bombing attack in the late 1990’s on Jerusalem’s Ben Yehuda Street.  A decade later, Bassam faced the same devastation.  In 2007, his ten year-old daughter Abir was killed by an Israeli rubber bullet near her school.  Since then, Bassam and Rami, have made it their mission to spread the message of dialogue over violence.  United in grief.  Their story has been told in the novel, Apeirogon, by award winning author, Colum McCann and Steven Spielberg has purchased the movie rights.   




Time: 12 PM—1 PM

Speaker: Mark Reading, Head of Foundation at Atlassian

Impact Topic: Pledge 1% at Atlassian

What Impact Means to Me: “The Atlassian Foundation focuses on two strategic goals:

1. Education – helping to educate millions of disadvantaged youth, preparing them for the workforce of the future; and

2. Pledge 1% – helping to bring out the best of business by growing the Pledge 1% movement”




Time: 1 PM—2 PM

Speaker: Dimitra Manis, Chief People Officer, S&P Global




Time: 2 PM—3 PM

Speaker: Rosie Thomas OAM (she/her), Cofounder / CEO

Impact Topic: A world where kindness and respect thrive over bullying and hate.




Time: 3 PM—4 PM

Speaker: Josh Ross, Co-CEO Humanitix

Impact Topic: Scalable Social Enterprise

What Impact Means to Me: “For me impact is a change in the world’s trajectory, at any level, for the better of the human condition or natural environment. I think the greatest and rarest impact is when one creates a shift in the moral landscape. History is an evolution of morality over time, what we do today (hopefully) will look terrible in 500 years.”




Time: 4 PM—5 PM

Speaker: Ruby Lee, Intuitive Business Coach

Impact Topic: How being your most authentic self creates the biggest impact in business

What Impact Means to Me: “To make an impact I believe you need to be living your values and your purpose work. For me, I feel I make the biggest impact when I truly connect with people, when I feel free to create, and when I am having fun in my business.”




Time: 5 PM—6 PM

Speaker: Harpreet Ghumman, Learning & Organization Development Leader, D & I Strategist, Executive coach

Impact Topic: Women Leaders Matter

What Impact Means to Me: “Free flowing waves touching each other, causing numerous reflections to build up – leaving one in a better space than before at mind, body and soul level that triggers an action that can or cannot be measured. And paving the way for others to soak in the waves & reflect.”

Time: 8 AM—8.30AM

Speaker: Kirsten Forgione, Director & Psychologist

Impact Topic: MYNDLY: Why understanding the mind is critical for work, and life.

What Impact Means To Me:
The definition of impact, as stated in the English dictionary, is “coming into forcible contact with an object”, and “having marked effect or influence”. And whilst this definition, in my view, captures the essence of impact – that is, to effect or influence – I believe it overlooks two important ideas, that capture what impact means to me. Specifically, that; a small gesture can also have marked effect or influence. And that having an impact on someone, means effecting or influencing them to think, feel or do something differently (or in a way they had not thought of before).


Time: 8 AM—8.30AM

Speaker: Mark Goodie, CEO – Merri Outreach Support Service Ltd

Impact Topic: “Striving to end homelessness,  sustaining housing, strengthening communities”

What Impact Means To Me: “Treat all people equally by ensuring they feel welcomed, connected, involved, secure and supported.”


Time: 9 AM—10 AM

Speaker: Richenda Vermuelen

Impact Topic: How to make an Impact: The 4 P’s of Purpose

What Impact Means to Me: Impact isn’t a measure, it’s a way of operating in the world to make it better.  Your people, your office, your profits…even your marketing have the potential to create change. 


Time: 10 AM—11 AM

Speaker: Lisa O’Neill, Motivational Leadership Expert, Lisa O’Neill & CEO, Thought Leaders Business School

Impact Topic: Self-Leadership: The Importance of Doing You


Time: 11 AM—11.30 AM

Speaker: Col Fink, Engagement Expert

Impact Topic: “The impact of engagement”

What Impact Mean To Me:
“One person can make a mark, but it takes a tribe to create real impact. The best way to create massive positive change in the world is to create places and spaces where other people thrive. Engagement is the ultimate impact multiplier.”


Time: 12 PM—1 PM

Speaker: Duy Huynh, Writer/Director & Marie McLeod, Positive Psychology Therapist

Impact Topic: “Can we learn ‘How To Thrive’ despite struggle?”

What Impact Mean To Me (Duy Huynh): “As a refugee, my earliest memories of life was upheaval, violence and trauma at sea. As a I watch those I care about struggle, I’ve always been optimistic that there is a way through the darkness, to learn about what makes us resilient and to find the secret formula to happiness.”

What Impact Means To Me (Marie McLeod): “Impact is my ‘Ikigai’, my reason for being. It gets me up each day with a spring in my step, making my life whole. To impact those who struggle, is a gift – the more I give, the more I get. I’m pact full, when I’m impactful.”


Time: 1 PM—2 PM

Speaker: Peter Parthimos, Founder & CEO – Futsal Oz

Impact Topic: “The present is theirs, the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.” – Nikolas Tesla.


Time: 2 PM—3 PM

Speaker: Dr Raman K Attri, Performance Scientist, XpertX Research Forum

Impact Topic: Our Adversities Could Be Our Best Bet to Impact

What Impact Means to Me: “The impact is to spark renewed clarity among people – clarity about themselves, their ideas, their strengths, their limitations, their choices and their paths in the world of chaos, uncertainty and noise. Once people have that clarity, they ignite a new chain of ideas and inspire more difference makers.”


Time: 3 PM—4 PM

Speaker: Harry Korras, Great Human

Impact Topic: KMF – Keep Moving Forward

What Impact Means to Me: “An opportunity to tune into positivity and receive amazing information to grant you the courage to put yourself back together again and keep moving forward!”



Time: 4 PM—5 PM

Speaker: Jeremy Andrulis, CEO, Third Idea

Impact Topic: Creating a Meaningful Decision Making Experience

What Impact Means to Me: “Individuals are typically judged by the totality of the decisions they make – but the lasting impact of decisions is often not the actual decision, it is ‘how’ the decision was made. A meaningful decision making experience focuses on how decisions are made AND gaining the commitment of people.”


Time: 5 PM—6 PM

Speakers: Rita Cincotta & George Liberopoulos, Co -Founders, Impactology

Impact Topic: Closing the Event

Each day we have great speakers chosen for their impact and willingness to engage with the community. You can attend every session or just a handful.

Every session will include a 30 minute presentation and 10 minutes for a Q&A. It is designed to be interactive – we want you to inspire our speakers as much as they inspire you.


8 am – 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

Once you register for the Impactology Live Event we will send you a link to access the event.

No, the same link is used throughout the session.

The event is complimentary.

Yes. All impact sessions will be recorded and available after the event.

Some presenters will engage in a live Q&A session at the end of their presentation so you will be able to ask questions.


Inspiration is when an idea gets hold of you and moves towards where you want to go. That is what we want to create with Impactology. It’s the one spark that takes you towards your goal.

We want to disrupt every day thinking and spark new ideas and create new ways to interact that will truly have an impact. We help people to live better, work smarter and be authentic.  It takes less energy to be yourself.

We are passionate about assisting people be more confident and excel at what they do best.

Choose your journey.  Together let’s create an impact path.


We want to disrupt every day thinking and spark new ideas and create new ways to interact that will truly have an impact. We believe in the what, the how and the who. And most importantly the WHY.


We want to create a community of people to inspire each other. Famous names and names you’ve yet to hear. Some are writers. Some are artists. There are leaders, athletes, scholars. All striving to be better. One action at a time. All are impactologists. We want you to join us and impact us and others.

who we create impact for
how to be curious and make an impact


We celebrate awesomeness on every level. From breaking world records, finding a cure, launching a rocket ship. Each is an action that creates an impact. Every conversation, every communication can open a door to a new opportunity. We provide the platform. You provide the discussion. Together we create impact.



When you remove layers of identity that have acted as negative barriers you become free. Freedom allows new thoughts and ideas in. We need to create space for our freedom of thought and rhythm. To be authentic. To become impactologists.

what we do for impact


Whatever your journey has been so far, we have designed a range of programs designed to elevate your experience. The diversity of thought within these is designed to arm people with the knowledge to make a choice that leads to inspired impact.


Elevate your experience to impact the world around you.

elevate your impact program

The fork in the road is the perfect opportunity to find your purpose.


A program to map out the next steps in your impact journey.